Rusland i karantæne, hvad spiser russerne? Mr. East rapporterer direkte fra Moskva – del 4

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Mr.East har indgået en aftale med Mr.Pavloff, som bor i Moskva, hvor der er indført strenge karantæneregler. Mr.Pavloff har indvilget i at fortælle Mr. East læsere om livet i Moskva under karantæne. Mr.Pavloffs beretning er på engelsk og er uredigeret. Dagens indlæg er indlæg nummer 2. Læs den første rapport her, den anden her og den tredje her.

Af Mr. Pavloff

What do people in Russia eat? The menu of the average citizen of Russia is not much different from the diet of other residents of Europe, a slight addition of local flavor is possible, however, as in any country in the world. In the daily menu of Russians you will not find such things as “roasted liver of the Siberian bear” or “roast from the steppe wolf”, but we have many soups, fish, meat and vegetables. Of course, not everyone knows how and has time for cooking, and of course semi-finished products are very popular. For example, dumplings, so that you would be more clear, imagine Italian ravioli, but larger and round.

Dumplings are often called “food of a single man” because of their ease of preparation, the filling may be different, but beef, lamb, pork, beef, fish, there may be a mixture of meat of different varieties, but it should be meat, if as a filling if something else is used, for example, cottage cheese, it already has the name “dumplings.” In other words, affordable, satisfying and popular food.

Prices for this product start from 0.9 euro cents per kilogram and the average price reaches 4-5 euros per kilogram, the price may vary by type of meat and package weight.

Meat, beef, pork, lamb, poultry, minced meat and other meat products have always been and are very popular among buyers. The price, as elsewhere, depends on the manufacturer, the type, the part from where the meat was cut, the amount of fat, and of course what the animal ate during life.

A good piece of beef will cost you 7.5 euros per kilogram

Lamb 8.5 euros per kilogram

Pork 3.70 euros per kilogram

Turkey fillet 3.45 per kilogram

Turkey Thigh 5.5 Euros Kilogram

Chicken fillet 3.57 euros per kilogram

A kilogram of minced meat from 3 to 5 euros per kilogram (it all depends on the type of meat)

Broiler chicken carcasses are popular at 1.52-2.2 euros per kilogram as well as chicken legs and wings at 2 euros per kilogram. 

Of course, the variety of meat products does not end on shelves with cheap chicken and pork, for connoisseurs, there are a huge number of different packages of “marbled meat” or exclusively beef meat, the price of such pieces of meat starts at about 10 euros per 0.5 kg. A kilo pack of fresh quail will cost 6 euros .

If we delve into the study of the proposed meat products, we can easily find a wide selection of different sausages, cutlets and other products for quick frying or cooking at home for the whole family, quickly, tasty and not very expensive. For example, a package of grilled chicken sausages will cost your wallet 1.2-2.5 euros for a package of 0.5-1 kg. . The assortment of different frozen dishes is huge and it’s not enough to list all this for a few days. To understand the price, I’ll give an example of the popular “lagman” dish that has a price of 3.3 euros per 600 gram packaging ). 

Cheese, for me, after the introduction of sanctions and retaliatory actions by our government, buying cheese was a real adventure, I am a big fan of cheeses, but unfortunately the import substitution program could not satisfy my demand for quality products, most of them are simply disgusting, have a strange taste and are very different from European taste unfortunately is not for the better. At the same time, the price tag on them is amazing. What is suitable for consumption starts at 10 euros per kilogram, while I understand that this is all done with the addition of palm oil ). Foreign-made cheeses are represented by Latin and South American countries. And their price is often lower than the prices of Russian counterparts, for example Russian-made parmesan will cost 22.5 euros per kilogram, imported 15-18 euros per kilogram. Soft Russian-made cheeses such as camembert, brie, dorblu start at 2.5 euros for a package of 150 grams, they are quite edible and I get a couple of different cheeses for my consumption. 

Processed cheeses occupy a separate row; they are very popular for breakfast; there are foreign brands that opened production lines in Russia before the imposition of protective sanctions, as well as purely Russian brands .). For example, the Finnish Viola cheese, which, as it seems to me, has always been in my life, even during perestroika and the wild times of capitalism of the 90s, this red plastic jar has always been on our table.

Sausages . If in the era of Gorbachev and his crazy experiments on people in the store there were two types of sausage, there is a first sort of sausage, a second sort of sausage. Now, according to my quick estimates, the assortment is represented by 100 -150 types of different sausages from dozens of manufacturers. Prices from 6 euros per kilogram, the average price of 18 euros per kilogram is a good sausage. If I can blame Russian-made cheese products around the clock, the sausages of Russian factories are very tasty and natural. . From the recommendations I can advise the producer of Okraina and the sort of sausage called German, Good, tasty sausage with a low fat content. I want to dwell separately on one sort of sausage, probably there are no people in Russia who have never visited this sausage, it is called Doktorskaya. We started producing this sausage in 1936, developed the sausage recipe and its manufacturing technology at the All-Russian Research Institute of Meat Industry , and for the first time carried out the production of the Moscow meat processing plant them. A. I. Mikoyan . Sausage was intended as a dietary (medical) nutrition for patients with somatic signs of the effects of prolonged fasting (specifically – “… patients with poor health as a result of the Civil War”), hence its name. The price of this sausage is 2.5-4 euros per 500 grams.     

Of course, a large number of different sausage delicacies are presented like jamon and so on. Sausages and sausages have an average price of 3.5 euros for a package of 500 grams, the choice is huge and will satisfy any person in my opinion.

Milk and dairy products, I personally hate milk, I don’t like yogurts and other dairy products, I had a good village childhood and adults constantly tried to give me fresh cow or goat milk, it all ended up making me sick of the smell of milk alone. But especially for you, my dear readers, I overcame the gag reflex and went into the dairy department, but for me this is a real feat.

Based on what I saw, I can say that a liter of milk in Moscow costs 1 euro per liter, cottage cheese 1.5 euro per package 350 grams, sour cream price 1-1.5 euro per package, here again it all depends on weight, quality, producer and percentage the ratio of fat content of the product.

A fish .

Fish, caviar, oysters, shrimps, squids, crabs, various fish products. From simple to expensive, expensive commercial breeds are well sold and loved by all Russians.

As in the case with other food products, the assortment is diverse and the price can be limited only by your imagination and the size of your wallet.

For example, a good can of red caviar weighing 200 grams will cost you 12 euros.

A kilogram of large shrimp will cost about 6 euro. Fish cakes at 2.5 euros per kilogram of. Let’s move to the “fresh fish” department and consider its range of . You can pick up live carp from the aquarium for 2.4 euros per kilogram. A live sturgeon will hit your wallet with a force of 12.30 euros per kilogram.

Sea bass or Dorado 6.8 euros per kilogram, Norwegian salmon 14.80 per kilogram . The abundance of various canned foods, for example, octopuses, mussels, squids and other inhabitants of the deep sea, is encouraging.

We move on and get into the Vegetables-Fruit department.

For example, you can buy juicy yellow melon for 0.86 euros per kilogram of  watermelons will cost 1.7 euros per kilogram. Oranges imported from Morocco 1.8 euros. . The price of pears starts from 1 euro per kilogram. Washed carrots 0.5 euros. Cucumbers start at 0.37 euros per kilogram. As in other departments with other products, the price tag for products is different, as I wrote above, the price difference depends on the quality, discounts, manufacturer, varieties and other features of the products sold.

I was very interested to see how things are with long-term storage products that were bought up almost by all in the early days of the isolation regime. As expected, there is absolutely no shortage of cereals, canned goods, pasta and is no longer in demand as in the early days of the “apocalypse.” For example, you can buy canned roast from beef for 1.6 euros, this is 525 grams of hearty food, unfortunately, the opinion is neglected by canned products, but I will tell you honestly, many things are of very good quality and have attractive prices for products. Gorgeous chicken pate costs 0.60 cents, continue on, 525 grams of canned pasta with meat 1 euro. Macaroni, rice, groats. Starts at € 0.5 per pack. If you set a goal and save a lot, you can buy pasta for 0.19 euros for a package of 470 grams and they will be completely edible ..

In the final part of our trip to the Moscow store, I want to show you the alcohol section.

Sanctions and counter-sanctions have not touched alcohol products and we can enjoy the freedom of choice of alcoholic drinks from around the world and continents, I personally recently fell in love with Rum. A bottle of 0.7 black Bacardi will cost you 14.88 euros , Liter Red Label 15 euros for a bottle of MSK (260). A bottle of metropolitan 4.3 euros.

A can of FAXE beer is 0.48 euros. 

There is no queue at the box office, everyone respects social distance and markings on the floor, as I wrote earlier, these measures have become a sign of good form in recent times.

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